A growing part of our business is in the education sector and we regularly advise schools on a host of sometimes exciting, but often challenging circumstances that can leave headteachers and governors feeling vulnerable and unsure about how to proceed.

Bad news tends to spread like wildfire throughout the community and this can cause a major problem for schools.  The widespread use of social media by parents, simply adds to the problem.

In all cases, we act as the media’s first point of contact drafting suitable statements and working closely with you and your governing body to ensure that they hit just the right note. This means that you do not have to speak directly to the media if you choose not to.

The publicising of good news, whether at primary, secondary or higher education level is an enjoyable part of our work – the individual achievement of students, collective happenings, Outstanding Ofsted reports, charitable or entrepreneurial enterprises – these are all newsworthy and articles can be developed for your local media to create a positive image for your school or college.

Our services for schools include:


If you would like to use us on an ad hoc basis, to discuss difficult issues or forthcoming challenges, we can work on a simple monthly retainer – there if you need us to deal with matters on your behalf.

Graphic design

If you need a school prospectus, new website and banners/ pop-up stands for your public spaces, we have a team available to provide stunning designs that will reinforce your image and grab the attention of both students and visitors.

Social Media / Digital management

If there is no one on your staff who can provide social media or digital support, we can do so on your behalf to encourage engagement with parents/ carers and the local community. Increasingly, social media is the go-to method of communicating quickly with parents.


A good quality, carefully crafted video will go a long way to assisting any school to attract pupils.  Video is the most successful form of marketing as part of a digital campaign and we can help to script, film, edit and interview to create an effective video to promote your school or indeed, any operational aspect.

Marketing campaigns

Often schools experience a shortfall in pupil numbers and we are asked to devise a campaign that will not only halt the decline in pupil numbers but will positively increase the headcount so that you can come closer to achieving the PAN across your school.


With budget cuts, it is often difficult to benefit from external provision of marketing support and schools have to find the means of delivery in house.  We can provide workshops across a range of topics to enable schools to be self-sufficient when it comes to marketing and awareness raising.

Best practice case studies

If your school is part of a large academy trust, often it is hard to share best practice.  A pictorial, well-written case study can not only be used within your Trust, but can be shared with the outside world (on the TES website) and for use in your reception area, to show how you are tackling and resolving the kind of challenges that occur in every day school life

Recruitment campaigns

It is increasingly difficult to attract good quality, highly experienced teachers – especially if your school is situated within an area of high deprivation.  Often it is necessary to develop a more strategic approach and we can advise on how to get better results.


Within the higher education sector, we have worked for local universities for many years, acting as mentors for their entrepreneurial students. This sees us as operating as a critical friend and sounding board, advising on marketing strategy and assisting with the preparation of marketing materials.  Some of the individuals we have advised as spin out companies from Northumbria University, have gone on to create extremely successful businesses.

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