Describing itself as Europe’s biggest and best travelling funfair, with over 300 attractions, The Hoppings comes to Newcastle’s Town Moor each year around the end of June.

Clothier Lacey initially won the business after a competitive tender in 2011 and we have provided marketing, PR and advertising support since then.

The working period for us stretches from April through to July each year and things get rather intense throughout June on the run up to and during the eight-day event.


Our Approach

Planning begins in March when discussions take place with the Freemen of the City (who are responsible for managing and operating the fair in consultation with the City Council) about rides, budgets, media buying and security, plus any other issues that might impact on the event.

Back in 2011, there was a greater emphasis on advertising and the placement of articles with the local media, but with the development of social media both as a platform for promoting the event and for the local newspaper to attract visitors to its website, by 2019, it had become the main promotional tool.

Each year we organise a media launch with the Lord Mayor, the showmen and the Freemen and this is supported by a lower budget above-the-line advertising campaign throughout. Social media has been found to be the most effective means of delivery and we have used this to great effect running competitions and attending the site each day of the event with a photo frame, to take photos of the fair goers to put onto the website.

A full report on the effectiveness of the campaign is also produced so that we are fully accountable for the strategy we have recommended

Measurable Outcomes

The event still ranks as one of the most well attended events in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Most notable social media statistics from 2019 are:

Facebook: 1,838 new followers on Facebook from 25th May-27th June. We also created a video for Facebook which reached 74,000 people with an average engagement rate of 25%.

Instagram: Increased Instagram follower by 951 throughout the event run up and the weeks of the event with a percentage increase of 60.07%

Twitter: Encouraged and received a high level of engagement from local event services and transport companies on Twitter.


CLC have been responsible for the full range of end to end PR and Marketing services from campaign concept and strategy development through to implementation, involving a complete media mix (press, TV, radio, advertising space).

The work of CLC has been instrumental in ensuring the quality of the event in terms of audience engagement and associated financial success.

The CLC team have been professional and proactive, contributing specialist skills and depth of experience. Of particular note, and very successful, has been the implementation and management of digital PR and Marketing, including website and social media, growing our social media following by 10’s of thousands.

Such has been our satisfaction with the work of CLC that we extended the contract duration from individual one year contracts to a three year commitment.

I have no hesitation in commending the work of the full CLC team at all levels from administration and technical through to senior management.

David Wilson, Joint Event Manager (and marketing lead), Newcastle Hoppings