Surgo Construction, is our oldest client – we have been providing marketing and PR support for the firm since 1999  – something we are very proud of  – because it demonstrates that we continue to provide the same level of commitment that typified our approach on day one.

Of course, it also demonstrates that Clothier Lacey has been established a long time and has a great deal of experience to bring to the table – in any sector.

Through Surgo Construction however, we have been able to significantly develop our knowledge of the construction and related sectors to the point where we are arguably the most experienced marketing and PR consultancy in this sector, regionally.


Our Approach

Our brief is wide-ranging and continues to touch on just about every aspect of marketing.  Over the years, this has also involved a qualitative research exercise as well as website design.  Month to month we essentially provide strategic support to the directors through PR, production of the bi-annual newsletter and assistance with developing articles for the intranet, while monthly meetings, involving the production of a meeting report, inform our activities in more detail.

Measurable Outcomes

The length of our involvement with Surgo requires little in the way of statistics in a sector where PR consultants can change regularly.


“Clothier Lacey continues to be a trusted communications partner for Surgo Construction after a period of some 20 years which says much about the quality of service and relationship we enjoy.  The team has an excellent understanding of the construction industry which is of enormous benefit when working on our business.”

Jeff Alexander, Director, Surgo Construction