Summers-Inman is an award-winning construction and property consultancy that can demonstrate an extensive portfolio of work across a wide range of disciplines for private, public and third sector clients.   

With its head office in Gosforth, the firm operates from seven offices throughout the UK and in 2020, will celebrate 100 years in business.  Summers-Inman employs in excess of 130 staff and is highly regarded for its ability to bring added value and innovation to projects.


Our Approach

We began working for Summers-Inman in January 2019.  The firm had not worked with a marketing and PR consultancy for many years so there was a lot of work to do at the outset of our relationship – primarily to agree how we would position Summers-Inman in the market.

We produced a communications matrix to establish the key messages and agree on the core values of the firm and the factors that differentiate Summers-Inman from its competitors.  Out of this, came the positioning statement, that forms the foundation of all communications materials and becomes the folklore surrounding the who, what, where, when and why of the consultancy.

We also created a social media strategy and post four times a week on their behalf, featuring a range of engaging material including new projects, project completions, staff endeavours/achievements, accreditations and CSR activities.

As an award-winning firm, Summers-Inman has many blue-chip clients and works on some major schemes in both the public and private sector, so gaining media coverage for its projects is another area of activity for Clothier Lacey.  We also provide articles for the website and have content management rights.

Measurable Outcomes

Since we began working for Summers-Inman the follower base has grown on Linked In from 1561 in April to 2000 in December 2019.  Followers have increased organically through the careful curation of posts.

This is the main social media platform we use.