February 24th, 2020

Writing award entries can seem daunting and time consuming and often they’re left to the last minute when the impending deadline is looming ever closer – but fear not, we’ve got you covered with our top ten tips for writing a winning award entry!

Tip no. 1: Give yourself enough time

It’s important to allow plenty of time for the award writing process as it always takes longer than expected to receive information and feedback from relevant sources. As well as this you need to gather supporting evidence.

Starting an award entry with only a few days to go will cause a lot of unnecessary stress and you won’t be able to gather the resources in sufficient time that your nomination deserves.   

Tip no. 2: Do your research

An essential part of writing a winning entry is to read the category criteria over and over again. If you have cemented exactly what they’re looking for then you will be able to contribute relevant knowledge to your entry.  Gather as much information as early as possible for each question. If you feel, on further examination, that your project doesn’t exactly fit the judging criteria, then don’t waste your time or that of the judges by entering it.

Tip no.3: Talk to the organisers

It’s always a good idea to talk to the organisers and build a relationship with them. They’re the best people to ask for clarification and they want you to succeed so are more than willing to help.

Tip no.4: Don’t stick to a boring format

Judges receive a lot of award entries so make sure yours stands out! Include quotes, testimonials, bullet points and bolded facts as a quick and easy way to spice up the format. Use visuals and videos where possible in order to stand out from others, if allowed. The judges will be very appreciative of this!

Tip no.5: Answer every question  posed and stick to the word limit.

This may seem obvious but make sure you answer every question – not some variation of it that better suits your project! And stick to the word limit! You’d be surprised by how many don’t – don’t make it easy for the judges to deduct points.  

Tip no.6: Use evidence to back up your claims

You must always tell the truth in award entries so include supporting evidence to back up your claims. Judges can get in contact to ask for proof of a statement so make life easy for them by including it already.

Tip no.7: Read, re-read and re-read again

Once you have pieced together your award entry it’s a good idea to read it, re-read it, read it aloud and read it again! This way you’ll be certain not to miss any mistakes.

Tip no. 8: Get feedback from as many people as possible

When you’re happy with the award entry, circulate it to as many people as possible to receive their feedback. When doing this it’s crucial to set deadlines for their response in order to get it back in time to make changes. Finally, the copy should be read by someone to ensure its easy to understand.

Tip no.9: Submit on time

If you want to be a winner, you must submit the award entry on time – you don’t stand a chance if you miss the deadline!

Tip no.10: Get expert advice!

With many award-winning entries under our belt we know how it should be done. Give us a call on 0191 273 9897 to see how we can help you.