April 2nd, 2020

As the UK witnesses tremendous changes to our way of life due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most employees are now being asked to work from home. While that sounds great to some, it can be difficult to avoid the distractions of home life.

We have gathered five top tips to help you stay motivated while working from home.

Stick with your routine

Just because you don’t have a long commute into the office it doesn’t mean you should lose track of your routine! Wake up at your normal time, shower, have breakfast and prep for the day ahead.  This will set you up physically and mentally. If you work 9-5 hours, it’s usually good to keep a track of the time too. Before you know it, you can be working late into the evening and it’s important to have a work-life balance.

Create a workspace

Pick a dedicated area or room in your house that you can use at your workspace. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from an old fold up table so long as you’re sitting down in the same spot, at the same time every day. Organise your laptop, notepads, pens and any other work equipment all in one place. Having your own workspace signals to our brain that this is the area where we focus and block out distractions.

Get out of your pyjamas 

Even though you may want to start and end the day in your pyjamas doing so sets a very bad mindset! It sends mixed signals to your subconscious mind and may make sleeping harder as your brain begins to associate bed with work. Instead, when getting dressed, think ‘casual Friday’ for the entire week.

Stay connected

Staying connected to your colleagues is extremely important. Check-in regularly with other members of your team. Create to-do lists to keep yourself on track and share the status of your work with others. Alongside email and messaging programs like WhatsApp, it’s good to set regular phone or video conferencing programs through Skype or FaceTime – this can help to keep up morale!

Get some fresh air

Remote working can be isolating at the best of times – not to mention in the middle of a pandemic! We’ve all been advised to limit contact with people and spend time indoors, however, make sure you open windows to let in natural daylight and fresh air. Take a walk outside if possible – but make sure to wash your hands, remove your outdoor shoes and coat and leave them in a place in the house where they are away from family traffic as soon as you arrive back home.